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  Mens Overall Champion Daily Telegraph Cup Womens Overall Champion Lady Quilter Cup Overall Team Champions Mens Individual Accuracy Champion Ladies Accuracy Cmapion Team Accuracy Champion Mens Individual Style Champion Daily Telegraph Trophy Ladies Style Champion Best Overall Civilian Daily Telegraph Cup First Year Accuracy Award Novice Champion Swan Trophy Best First Year Style Performance The Woolgar Trophy
1961   Sue Burgess                    
1962 K Sanders                      
1963 P W (Mick) Turner Helen Flambert                    
1964 A F Charlton Helen Flambert                    
1965 Pete Sherman Susi Wright Army Peregrines Team A W.P. McCarthy                
1966 Bill Scarratt Diana Knipe Parachute Regiment 'A' Team S. Vatnsdal     Bill Scarratt   J. Moir      
1967 Bill Scarratt None?   Bill Scarratt   Parachute Regiment A.Charlton       P.Schofield P.Schofield
1968 Brian David Tracy Rixon                    
1969 John Meacock Gerry King                    
1970 J Kemley Gerry Vatnsdal (nee' King) Parachute Regiment, Red Devils Cpl. D. Whitney (Para Regt.)   663 Aviation Sqn AAC W.J. Meacock (Old Warden)   R.King (Nomad)   W.Ford (South Staffs) J. Dineen (RAFSPA)
1971 John Meacock Tracy Rixon Peterborough Parachute Centre M.D. Deakin   Peterborough Parachute Centre M.D. Deakin          
1972 John Meacock Tracy Rixon Parachute Regiment, Red Devils J.M. Patrick   Parachute Regiment, The Red Devils J.M. Patrick   John Meacock A.M.J. Layton A.J.M. Meysner D. Thorne
1973 Bob Hiatt Cathy Burrows Parachute Regiment, Red Devils Bob King   Parachute Regiment, The Red Devils Sooty Standring Jackie Smith     ? Littlewood (RAC)  
1974 Bob Hiatt Jackie Smith Duck End 'A' Bob Hiatt   Duck End 'A' John Meacock Jackie Smith     Grierson  
1975 John Meacock Tracy Rixon Duck End 'A' Bob Hiatt   Duck End 'A' John Meacock Jackie Smith     No Novices listed in results  
1976 Scotty Milne Sandy Murray Duck End 'A' Bob Hull   Duck End 'A' John Meacock Jackie Smith     Ahmad Murad  
1977 Scotty Milne Sandy Murray Symbiosis Tony Uragallo    Symbiosis Scotty Milne Sally Smith     A Redfern  
1978 Doug Young Jackie Smith Army Doug Young   Army Doug Young Jackie Smith     No Novices listed in results  
1979 Scotty Milne Sandy Milne   Scotty Milne   NWPC 'A' Scotty Milne          
1980 Scotty Milne None?   Scotty Milne     Scotty Milne          
1981 Scotty Milne Jackie Smith   Issa Mohammed     Scotty Milne Jackie Smith        
1982 Scotty Milne Esther Reynolds                    
1983 Dave Tylcoat & Steve Treble (Joint) Esther Reynolds                 RAJ Roode  
1984 Tony Uragallo & Steve Treble (Joint) Esther Reynolds   Neil Dixon Esther Reynolds NWPC (Stuart Morris, Brian Shaw, Harry Morgan, ?) Kevin Hardwick Jane Buckle     Mulligan  
1985 Julian Spencer Jo Vaughan                    
1986 Julian Spencer Esther Reynolds   Harry Morgan                
1987 Julian Spencer Chris Clements   Les Carroll             D Jones  
1988 Julian Spencer Esther Reynolds   Stuart Morris and Nicky Johnston (Joint Champions)     Julian Spencer Cheryl Smyth        
1989 Les Carroll Esther Reynolds   Fred Ryland     Barry Henderson       R Johnston  
WCPL Caroline Apps   Nicky Johnston   Army "A" Team         B Henderson  
1991 Les Carroll Esther Reynolds    Les Carroll   Army Team  Les Carroll       Les Carroll  
1992 Les Carroll Esther Reynolds    Les Carroll   Army Team  Les Carroll          
1993 Les Carroll Kath Andrewes    Les Carroll   Army Team            
1994 Les Carroll Kath Andrewes    Les Carroll   Army Team            
1995 Dave Ballard Debbie Curtis       Army Team            
1996   Kath Andrewes       Army Team         Carl Williams  
1997 Carl Williams Esther Reynolds   Carl Williams   Sillyshave Carl Williams Debbie Curtis        
1998 Jeff Chandler Esther Reynolds   Dave Ballard   "H" Troop /Philishave Jeff Chandler Katherine Andrewes        
1999 Dave Ballard Julie Ballard       Style Crew   Esther Reynolds        
2000   Katherine Andrewes   Dave Ballard   Millenium Doom Carl Williams Katherine Andrewes     Kath Andrewes  
2001   Esther Reynolds   Jeff Chandler   Eye Team NONE Esther Reynolds        
2002   Esther Reynolds       Sixty-Niners         Julian Spencer  
2003   Esther Reynolds   Carl Williams   Accrats Carl Williams Katherine Andrewes     Carl Williams  
2004   Esther Reynolds   Carl Williams   Accrats Jeff Chandler Esther Reynolds     Jeff Chandler  
2005   Esther Reynolds   Jeff Chandler   Accrats Stuart Morris Francesca Shashkova        
2006               ?        
2007           Team GB   ?        
2008   Esther Reynolds   Glen Stephenson   Team GB Jeff Chandler Esther Reynolds        
2009   Esther Reynolds   Pete Sizer   Team GB   None        
2010   None   Janos Lesko   Team England Jeff Chandler None        
2011   Esther Reynolds       Team England   None