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These lists are incomplete and we welcome additional information or contributions. Time is the limiting factor for the archivists at present, so anyone who can help provide additional information or who has time to provide extracts or corrections from the magazines to enhance these lists is very welcome to do so. Follow the link in the top right corner to make contact.

Please note that all of this information has been derived from scratch - the BPA has no formal records of any of this information. Hence there are gaps and many tasks still to perform in this area. If you have any resources - be it time or materials - we would be very interested in receiving any help that may be offered!

National Champions
Formation Skydiving / Relative Work
Canopy Formation / Canopy Relative Work
Speed Skydiving
Artistics <Awaiting a volunteer to work through the data and collate>
Locations of Championships

NB 1. Much other information is in the BPA regular magazine publication.
NB 2. Interesting submissions to this section are welcomed.
Winning Senior 4 Way Scores
Hibaldstow 2007 Hibaldstow 2008 Hibaldstow 2009
Hibaldstow 2010 Hibaldstow 2011 Hibaldstow 2012